por Stefânia Andreoli Rolo

One key part of achieving the fluency that you want is to understand and use phrasal verbs, however, it’s common sense among teachers and students that they tend to play the role of vilains in the learning of the English language. But why is that so?
Some of the reasons listed by teachers and students are:
• there are no universal rules
• they can seem illogical
• many verbs have multiple phrasal variations
• some phrasal verbs have multiple meanings
Although there may be so, sure there are tips and tricks to help us out on the task of acquiring and using phrasal verbs effectively. Some of them are:
• learning its structure
• learning its meaning from context
• creating a meaningful, personalised example of its use
One of the most effective ways to learn a number of phrasal verbs at once is to gather them according to a given subject. For instance: phrasal verbs related to travel, phrasal verbs related to work, phrasal verbs related to relationships. By doing so, you stand more chances to remember their meaning and use them when talking about the topics they are related to.

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